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US national security expert warns about China’s developing cyber capabilities

INTERNATIONAL DESK: A US national security expert has warned about China’s developing cyber capabilities. This comes after a classified U.S. intelligence leak reportedly exposed the country’s efforts to build weapons to overtake enemy satellites, Fox Business reported.

Former US national security adviser for Vice President Cheney, John Hannah, has issued a warning on China’s aggressive investments in technology, arguing that their strategy is intended to disrupt, degrade and destroy U.S. space capabilities.

Hannah on “Cavuto: Coast to Coast”, explained: “The future of warfare, one of the most contested domains, is going to be space. Space, in essence, is the new high ground. [The] country that controls space and the next battlefield is effectively, I think, got the best chance of actually winning the war.”

“If China is able to knock out our ability to see what the enemy is doing, our ability to exert command and control and communications between our own forces, it’s virtually game over for us on the battlefield here on Earth,” he continued, according to Fox Business.

The revelations were included in classified U.S. intelligence allegedly leaked by 21-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira.

The CIA report assessed China’s plan to use cyber weapons to “deny, exploit or hijack” Western satellites used for wartime communication and surveillance.

According to Fox Business, China has increasingly invested in and enhanced its space programs in recent years, creating new threats to U.S. security.

According to officials with the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), the communist nation has been reorganizing and reforming its space forces, using the majority of its 541 satellites sent to space for reconnaissance or intelligence gathering. (ANI)

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